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for sponsors

Everything we do can be interesting and of benefit to others.


Projects connected with social responsibility of a company, sponsorship of worthy cultural events, as well as integrating activities and incentive schemes for workers, can be all put together.


Volunteers take part in each stage of the project. They work with the little artists during the activities in a hospital. They are also responsible for transferring and reinterpreting the children’s works on a real, large-scale canvas. The volunteers do not need to have artistic education or training, but a compassionate heart and a desire for mutual work. It often happens that the sponsors themselves, as well as their most committed employees, who want to promote the company, are amongst the volunteers.

Our projects are a subject of interest to the authorities (we are awarded!) and the media (they write about us!). Your participation in the project and your support for the sick children will be acknowledged and appreciated.

Join us and paint a colorful future of your company!

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